Why the Rain?

The Blog: Getting ready to take off on my first assignment in the Foreign Service, I came to the realization that my old tactic of writing mass “updates” emails to friends and family would only become more burdensome with this new career and the number of (hopefully interesting) updates I would be writing. With this in mind, a blog seemed like the best way to go – I can keep up with family and friends without clogging inboxes, and maybe I can even make some new friends along the way. I cannot promise brilliant writing all the time, but I hope I’ll at least provide something interesting or amusing on occasion.

The Rain: Friends and family know me as one who truly enjoys, relishes, loves the rain. Dancing in the rain, walking the dog in the rain, sitting with a good book and listening to the rain hitting the roof and the windows…. Maybe it’s all just part of being from a family that’s been in Seattle for generations, maybe not.


  1. Chris said,

    Congratulations to two of the best of the brightest!

    May your paths never wobble and may the road keep straight even when it curves (an adaptation from the traditional Irish well wish.)

    Chris in Lima (where it never rains)

  2. Meghan said,

    As another rain-loving Seattle-ite, I hope all goes well for you!

    We’re saving some rain for your next trip to the Northwest.

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