Saturday, September 14, 2013

Of Puppy Love and Loss

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R. J. C.  1999-2013

Darling Dog,

I love you, and I miss you already.  I am so grateful we got quite a bit more time with you than we thought we would.  And I’m grateful you were able to share your love with the man who became my husband, and even (though briefly) with my baby boy.  You will be missed so, so much.  Enjoy that great big wide-open field you’re romping through, that never-ending buffet of people-food, and that big cushy bed where nobody calls you a “big lug” and makes you move over.  You were the sweetest, best dog anyone could hope for.  Though you weren’t without your challenges, you were above all a great big dog-shaped ball of love, covered with an abundance of blonde fur.  I love you, and I’ll remember you always, my sweet old boy.


your girl