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  1. Rory N. said,

    Hope things are going well for you in Dhaka. I truly have enjoyed stumbling on your site. I have been contemplating an ‘expatriot life.’ Your stories increase my motivation.

    I have a career question; what do you most enjoy and what do you see as the biggest challenge in the Foreign Service? What, if anything, makes you frustrated? In my search for a successful overseas life I found the Foreign Service appealing for an outsider.

  2. Girl alone said,

    Hey girl in the rain, as a FSO, how do you feel about getting married?

    Response: So far, it’s been great! Where I want to be is with my husband, and if he and I can both have careers and be geographically in the same place, it’s just that much better. In terms of how it’s changed life as an FSO, I think it’s been such a positive change, from going places you’ve never been on your own with nobody to share it with except the new friends you might meet along the way, to having the love of your life by your side every step of the way, being able to share your discoveries and impressions with someone who really knows you and cares for you. I find it’s a much richer experience overall with someone you love to share it all with.

  3. Monte Rowe said,

    Hello Girl In The Rain,

    Thank you for posting such interesting photos of India. I am completing my final quarter at the University of Washington in Tacoma and I intend to embark on the process of becoming a consular officer as soon as the State Department’s Registration website is available. According to a posted message, the site is being updated and applicants will not be able to register until mid-November. I took the career track survey which suggests a consular officer career track.

    I am excited about the possibility of representing the United States. I have a natural inclination to help people and I think this attribute will be useful in becoming an effective consular officer. I would like to keep in touch with you for the purpose of sharing your insights and experiences as a FSO.


  4. Corinna Knettles said,

    We are new to the FS and are also from Seattle. We are going to Dhaka in June.

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