Saturday, July 13, 2013

A “Tour” of Duty

Posted in Generalities at 4:44 pm by graceandpoise

One of the first things we spent time doing after we arrived and moved into our rental house in DC for a 2-year assignment at State Department headquarters was watch the Tour de France.  Now, with our 2-year tour extended by a year of language training for our next jobs, we are watching the Tour de France for the third time in this too-expensive-to-have-been-there-this-long house as we start to get organized for moving out next week.

A lot has changed over the past three years.  At work, Husband and I have both gotten promotions, and we learned a lot about how the DC side of the sausage gets made.  At home, we invested in some pieces of “grown-up” furniture, learned – or invented – a few good new recipes, and welcomed a new tiny human into our family.

So now three of us are watching the Tour de France.  Next year:  maybe more of the same in Kosovo.

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