Saturday, October 30, 2010

What I Neglected, Part IV: Vegas and Zion

Posted in Family, Travels at 6:51 pm by graceandpoise

Toward the end of Home Leave, we went to visit my brother in Vegas.  It was one of the best trips down there I’ve had yet, because we went out to Utah and did this crazy hike at Zion National Park.  It’s called the Angel’s Landing hike, and it’s supposed to be one of the most difficult day hikes in the U.S. or something.  I have to say, it wasn’t that difficult, but it sure was cool!

I chose to ignore the whole “don’t look down” thing.  That’s a loooonnng, straight drop…

We hiked to the top of that.

Oh yeah – and we weren’t just at Zion…

We really did spend time in Vegas too, but for some reason I tend not to take any photos there (but trust me, we had fun)…

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