Friday, February 5, 2010

A Big Hurdle Cleared

Posted in Foreign Service Life at 7:28 pm by graceandpoise

Got good job news today.  Very good job news, in fact.  News that means that fear I’ve had for so many months of having to join the long unemployment lines come September is not going to be realized.

Yes, Uncle Sam has decided he wants to keep me on (both me and my husband, actually), and has granted both of us tenure.  What this means in practice is that I’m now (pending senate confirmation and some paperwork) a real, bona fide government servant in the sense that I’ll have lifetime job security.  Okay, well maybe not lifetime, but I’ll now have to do something actually bad for them to get rid of me.  The extra bonus: I’ll get to have a document with my name on it with a fancy seal and President Obama’s signature.  My husband and I are both extremely relieved, and thrilled to be able to start planning for a future in which we’re both employed.


  1. Digger said,

    Congrats! Getting tenure made me feel similarly relieved, and valued.

    • Yeah, I think the “valued” thing is the biggest part of it for me – so much in my experience since joining the FS has not made me feel that way, so the feeling that the organization is actually saying they value my presence/contribution is certainly nice.

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