Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now the pace picks up…

Posted in Foreign Service Life at 10:07 pm by graceandpoise

When they tell you about the bidding process, generally at the end they’ll say something about “conceivably, it could go on as long as… but that pretty much never happens.”  Well, I’m embarrassed to admit this, but that’s exactly what happened in my case.  Six-plus months is definitely far too long to be spending actively bidding, stressing out more and more (and edging closer and closer to “basket-case” status) with every moment that goes by with no positive news.  However, I’m happy to say that less than a week ago I was officially offered what’s actually a pretty good/interesting-sounding job in DC.  So: game on.

Here’s where it gets tricky: they want me there early in May.  The vacancy in that office was unexpected (thus not on the list and therefore not snatched up by someone else earlier), and as of this week the position is already hanging open.  So the earlier I get there, the better.  My husband’s DC job is slated to start in June, so we’re assuming he’ll do a few weeks of some training that can fill the gap between the two (I figure I’ll take care of whatever necessary training after I actually get there).  So: take a date of early May, subtract the congressionally-mandated 4-plus weeks of home leave (think of this as “reintroduction to America” time that all diplomats have to do after serving a full tour of duty overseas), and you come up with very early April.  In fact, you kind of come up with late March, but I’m not sure that idea would go over too well with the folks we’ll be leaving behind.

However, to be out of here in early April is going to take a lot of doing.  There are at least 4 stages of the process to go through just for the paperwork part (each stage handled by a different person/group who may or may not see it as a priority), and that’s not even touching on the logistics part.  Yep, it’s pedal to the metal time.  Okay, well, it will be, as soon as that first paperwork part is done back in DC…

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