Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year at Home, now Back in India

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I rang in the new year together with my wonderful momma, a bottle (and a half) of moscato d’asti, and a couple of sleeping animals.  It was a pretty quiet new year’s gathering, as you might imagine, but I had bags to pack and had been running all over until then trying to accomplish everything on my always-too-long list of things to do.  I had a great time at home, though, even if it was pretty busy, and I’m glad I took the time and spent the money to go (just wish I’d been able to spend just a little more time there).

I keep telling people about my great long list of things I want to do, people I want to see, places I want to go, foods I want to eat, etc, etc…  There’s always a long list every time I go home, and it only grows if I’m coming from someplace where I can’t get a lot of stuff.  Allow me to share a short sample of some of that list from this trip…

  • Hang out with the mom – check!
  • Get a few last-minute Christmas presents for family – check!
  • Eat steak – check!
  • Visit my brother and his girlfriend – check!
  • Eat Mexican food – check!
  • Shop for shoes – check (but still didn’t manage to finish the list of needed replacements for worn-out pairs)
  • Buy some additional Christmas presents for the hubby (his “big” gift this yr came from India) – check!
  • Visit with J & S (and F); R & J-P; E (and K and P); L & K & M – check (except for F, who I’ll have to make a point of visiting next time); not-check; check; check!
  • Eat some of my favorite homemade, mom-cooked meals – check (though the list on this one is virtually never-ending)
  • Spend some major snuggle-time with my cat – check!
  • Go to La Conner and spend some time exploring the shops, and maybe find that beautiful wooden box I’ve been looking for – not-check (next time I’m home, maybe)
  • Pick up some Beecher’s cheese to bring back with me – check!
  • Get my hair cut – check!
  • Eat some Ezell’s fried chicken and yummy rolls – check!
  • Clean out all the unnecessary stuff (old clothes I’d kept around for painting and such, old papers, mementos of this and that…) from my room chez mom – not-check (top of my list for next time, though)
  • Buy some beef jerky from B&E Meats to bring back with me – check!
  • Go to the Pike Place Market – check!
  • Go to the eye doctor – check!
  • Eat lots of crispy, crunchy, non-dangerous fresh vegetables – check (though I could always have done better on this)
  • Visit some of my favorite places in/around Seattle – check (mostly)
  • Drink some good wine – check, check, check!

So after the enjoyable low-key new year’s night, and long day-or-three of travel starting the next morning, I’m back in India.  Had one of those rather ridiculous “welcome to India” moments before even getting off the plane, when the cockpit was unable for the longest time to get any response from the airport authorities about where to park the plane, meaning we spent about 45 minutes on the tarmac just sitting there after landing.  Luggage was also slow in coming, so I didn’t get home until about 4-ish in the morning.  All this is to say, I’m now crazy-tired.  It’s only just 8 pm, and I’d like nothing more than to be snuggled into bed right now.  Mmmm, bed.  G’night, all.

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  1. We are honored that La Conner made your “list” 🙂 I linked your article to our Facebook fan page. Happy to hear you had a safe trip.

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