Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bid List is Out

Posted in Foreign Service Life at 6:47 pm by graceandpoise

Just typing that phrase gives me huge knots in my stomach.

Now that there’s a list of positions I might be eligible to bid on (and lobby for, and kick and scratch and fight over, all hopefully without sounding either obsequious or malicious), I’m giving myself the very rare permission to think about the future.  My immediate response to this is, “Oh God oh God oh God.”  This whole bidding thing didn’t go well the first time.  It went particularly un-well the second time, when I’d allowed myself to hope and then was left completely devastated.  And now, the third time, the process has changed and it’s all about knowing the right people from having gotten the right positions the first two times.  Um, yeah.  Oh God oh God oh God oh God.


  1. Digger said,

    I sympathize. I hate hate hate bidding. On the one hand, you think about the possibilities. Then you think about the fear of not getting a good job, or for us, not getting jobs together. And the whole lobbying thing drives me nuts. I think you should look at my resume and say, hmm, she sounds interesting. And then interview me. Instead I have to rely on previous bosses, some of whom I had to turn in to DS. Ick ick ick

  2. alexis said,


    I am an aspiring FSO, and curious about the bidding process. What was your experience and where did you end up going?

    • Ah – I wish I could answer these questions! Unfortunately, the bidding process is FAR from over. There have been emails sent back and forth, references arranged, follow-up emails requested, etc, etc. But the whole process doesn’t end until late October (or later!). Far too drawn-out, if you ask me, but there it is.

  3. Digger said,

    Alexis gave me a chuckle when she asked where you were going. Don’t we wish it was so fast. When we were in Jerusalem, they post-poned open assignments until January 23! And on the 23rd, when her top choice offered her a handshake and she accepted, her CDO replied that he couldn’t register her handshake because she was on a list to “volunteer” for Baghdad. After two straight 25% or greater hardship posts! (this was a year before they went public with the “prime candidate” exercise) It took us another couple months to get it all straightened out!

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