Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parched and Impatient

Posted in Generalities, India at 10:20 pm by graceandpoise

Bombay is supposed to have this dramatic thing every year when, theoretically, it rains almost non-stop for a few months.  Again theoretically, it’s supposed to be torrential rain – something that is actually deserving of a fancy name like “monsoon.”

We’ve been getting nothing like that.  Last year, I was shocked at how much of a non-event “monsoon season” was.  I felt robbed – so I have been looking forward to a real, bona fide monsoon season this year, maybe even with some serious, torrential rain.

No such luck.  Apart from a few short-lived teases, we’ve had no rain, and certainly nothing that could be termed significant.  Instead, to add insult to injury (or maybe it’s the other way around), it’s just gotten hotter, stickier, more intensely sunny, and generally more gross, stifling, and disgusting.

We’re all seriously parched over here, and we’re seriously tired of waiting for some actual weather.  Come on, rain gods – give a girl a break!


  1. Lisa Surber said,

    I want to tell you that after coming from tornado alley, ‘monsoon’ season in Las Vegas is equally laughable. Basically it yeilds potential to ‘mist’ every day for a month or so… Maybe, ‘monsoon’ really is a fancy term used by weather personel when rain is doubtfull and you will only be graced with the dreadful mist!

    Mist or rain, it still forces me to motor with the top up and that just blows!

    Hope all is well…may it rain soon for you!

  2. G.Bansal said,

    Well Girl in the Rain,

    It looks like the rain gods have answered your prayers. In Mumbai, when it rains, it pours.

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