Thursday, May 21, 2009

There’s weather again!

Posted in Generalities, India at 10:17 pm by graceandpoise

Last night we had a potluck at a colleague’s house to welcome a sizeable group of new arrivals to post.  Part of the way through the evening, I looked out the window and felt almost giddy as I noticed drops of water falling off the side of the building.

To my knowledge, there has not been one drop of precipitation in this city since the 5- or 10-minute spate of drizzle during the terrorist attacks in November, and nothing that could actually be called “rain” since late August or so.  The lack of any actual weather – or even so much as a few clouds – has been driving me completely insane.

When we got outside at the end of the night yesterday, my hopes were confirmed: it hadn’t just been some upstairs neighbor washing off their balcony – it was real rain!  Ahhhh, I can’t describe how incredibly good it felt.

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  1. Chantel said,

    I bet the lack of rain has REALLY driven you insane . . . you, the girl who dances in the rain! I hope you enjoyed it!

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