Saturday, April 18, 2009

They called it “German Summer Fest”

Posted in Generalities, India at 11:49 pm by graceandpoise

We went to an event today hosted by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.  It was down at the racetrack (that’s horse racing, not cars or dogs) in a lawn sort of area behind the stands.  It was a nicer venue than that description makes it sound, I promise.  We met up with some good friends and their 9-month-old, and made a very pleasant afternoon of it.  But to move on to the point of this post:

There was bratwurst.  Real German bratwurst (not the stuff you sometimes find in other countries that they pronounce “brat-worst”, but the stuff you find in Germany that they pronounce “brat-vurst”).  And there was beer.  Real German beer (not the stuff you find in the majority of affordable establishments in India, where no matter what brand it is, it all tastes like the same swill).  And there was wine.  Yes, real German wine.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and we’re toying with the idea of going back again tomorrow, since the entry ticket works for both days.  Mmmmmm, sausages.

Thank you, Matthias and Suzanne.


  1. dontrelle said,

    hey, do you by chance know the blog webpage of an fso who was in kuwait? i think it might’ve been a tandem, but it was definitely a couple that was there.


  2. Deepika said,

    Hi.. I am glad to know u guys had a good time. We will have a similar event in December called Mumbai Christmas Fest. Do drop me an email with ur address and i can ensure that U get the invite, in case you are not on the invitee list as yet.

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