Thursday, November 27, 2008

We’re okay.

Posted in Foreign Service Life, India at 7:13 am by graceandpoise

Some of you may have heard/seen the news about events in Mumbai overnight.  Please don’t worry, we are okay.  We were at our home, which is pretty far from the area where everything went down.  It’s early morning now and we’ve just gotten the call to come in to work as part of the crisis response team (at least we weren’t part of the group called in overnight!).

So much for our ambitious plans of hosting a fabulous turkey dinner this evening!  Maybe we’ll try to do it on Saturday…  (Anybody know whether it would be bad to leave a turkey in a brine for that long?)


It’s now 21:30 on Thanksgiving evening, and we have yet to do a Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe this weekend.  My husband and I are sitting in our living room, trying to unwind a little and let the adrenaline ebb.  I have just had the longest shortest day of work since I joined the foreign service – when someone mentioned at about 12:45 that we should get something to eat, I was genuinely surprised.  Until I looked at my watch.  We were at work for a long time, and we were super-busy the entire time (often literally running from one place to another).  We did our best to stay on top of the situation, and we did whatever we could to help American citizens who were caught up in the attacks or holed up in hotel rooms, (understandably) scared out of their wits.  It is tough work emotionally, and I know I speak for all of my colleagues when I say that we all wholeheartedly wish we could do more for people.  We fully expect tomorrow to be another day of similarly intense work, but in the end, that’s what we’re sent abroad for – to help and protect our country’s citizens living or traveling in foreign countries.


  1. Digger said,

    Glad to hear you and all the other consulate folks are okay. Something to be thankful for tomorrow in spite of all the suffering there…stay safe.

  2. Bree said,

    I’m relieved that you and K are alright, and extremely sad for those who aren’t. You’ll be in our thoughts today.

    Given the circumstances, this seems so banal, but: brining a turkey too long (significantly more than one hour per pound of turkey) will completely ruin it. Rinse it off before that happens! The brine will already have soaked in enough that you don’t have to do it again on Saturday.

  3. Daria Darnell said,

    Marisa – I’m so glad that you are OK. Take care.

  4. bexers said,


    I’m glad to hear that you guys are ok. I finally watched the news this morning. I hope that things calm down over there. Take care.


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