Monday, November 17, 2008

Every Bird Should Get to Fly

Posted in Family, Generalities, Home at 1:05 pm by graceandpoise

It’s my last day at home in Seattle, the end of what was again (is always) an all-too-short visit home, and I just saw what is probably one of the best commercials out there.  Thankfully, someone was kind enough to post it on YouTube so I could share it with you.  It’s just too cool – more people should think this way.


  1. Rose said,

    So cute, Marisa! Thanks for sharing. I’m really disappointed to have missed you on your US tour… 😦 Looking forward to Seattle pics! I’ll be in Seattle around July 4 for a wedding… Any chance you’ll be back that time of year?

  2. Donny said,

    hey, u doing ok out there?

  3. Phil said,

    cool ad, but it’s for the lotto, arguably the farthest thing from “helping everyone to fly” that could be…I guess that’s why they call it advertising, or something.

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