Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Floating Heads

Posted in India tagged , at 9:43 am by graceandpoise

Indian political posters have come to be known among my group of friends as the “floating heads” posters. Why? It seems that the standard for Indian political advertisement is to put up a great big poster of your face (and those of your colleagues/supporters/etc) where everyone’s heads appear to be floating in midair. The politicians appear not to have invested in a high-quality photo-editing program. And nobody but nobody deviates from this standard. The posters are not just for when someone is running for office, but also for marking the birthday of a notable person, or for wishing the politician’s constituents a happy [insert festival/holiday name here], or for any of a variety of other reasons. Since it’s been festival time lately (and festivals seem to be the time for advertisements), there have been a lot of these around.

So in the spirit of celebrating the November 4th presidential elections – and an end to the constant political ads – in my own country, I give you a different kind of political ad. Lest you begin suffering from political advertisement withdrawal.

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  1. creatist said,

    hey. I have been reading a lot of your posts on India. pretty kool.

    However the reason I’m commenting here is to apologize for the ‘stares’ of men in India. Why they do that – I have no answer. But it’s sad. And again, sorry for that.

    – An Indian girl

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