Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Olympics News . . .

Posted in Diversions, India at 11:18 pm by graceandpoise

. . . it seems as though everyone must have switched flags!

Here in India, as in many other countries, there’s only one channel that is showing the Olympics. Here, it’s a government channel, and they seem to get most of their feed showing actual events from the BBC’s coverage – and there’s a very marked change in quality when it moves to coverage initiated by the Indian networks. For example, video footage of an air-rifle competition (in which there was an Indian who came in something like 42nd out of 48 competitors) that clearly came from a hand-held camcorder in the audience. And a listing of the medal standings with the wrong flags next to country names.

Then again, I don’t pretend to know everything. Maybe there’s been some mass switching of flags by all the countries involved in the Olympics – perhaps all the heads of state threw all the flags into a hat and drew new ones out, saying something about the “spirit of the Olympics.” Still, I’d be surprised.


  1. sister said,

    The best part is that none of the flags used belong to the countries listed.

  2. emielli said,

    I wonder how many people did not notice that anything was wrong here. 🙂

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