Saturday, June 21, 2008


Posted in Generalities at 5:00 pm by graceandpoise

I’m thinking it doesn’t quite count as being published. I mean, it’s not like I wrote something profound and ground-breaking, and some well-respected scholarly journal has included my creation in their next edition or anything. However, something I created is out there, and it was put out there by someone else and as part of a larger collection of things. So I guess we’ll call it being pseudo-published. Some photo scout (or whatever they call them) from a site I had never heard of before came across one of my photos on Flickr and wanted to use it as part of their travel and activities guide for the Pacific Northwest. They sent me an email asking permission and all that, and since I have no objection to being associated with a guide to Pacific Northwest attractions, I agreed. So, a little while later the whole world (or whoever knows about that site and is interested) can see a photo I took while wandering around Foster Island a while back. Want to see? Check out the finished product here.

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