Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A what? Where?

Posted in Generalities, In DC at 10:48 pm by graceandpoise

Today I was sitting in class, listening to someone talking about something related to preventing fraud and malfeasance in a consular section, and all of a sudden there was a rumble, then a brief vibration, then nothing.  Nobody moved, and the speaker didn’t even miss a beat in his speech.  I’m sitting there, wondering at my knee-jerk urge to crawl under a desk, thinking to myself, “Hm – that sounded and felt an awful lot like a small earthquake.  But that couldn’t be, because I’m in DC, and there are no earthquakes over here.  Impossible.  Must’ve been construction.”  And I left it at that.  Nobody in class mentioned anything at all when the break came, or when we left for the day.  So imagine my surprise when I come home to find that, indeed, the impossible did actually happen.  Huh – whaddaya know?

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  1. mom said,

    Who knew! I suppose you are a little more sensitive to that stuff what with coming from an area where we do have larger earthquakes. I think I would have been under that proverbial desk just from all of the training over the years of what to do when the earth gives us a bit of a jolt.

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