Friday, February 22, 2008

The Fruits of a Long-Distance Relationship

Posted in Family, Foreign Service Life, Travels at 8:14 pm by graceandpoise

You don’t get someone to just sit and be companionably still with.

You don’t get to have a hug or a sympathetic glance from across the room when you’re having a really hard day.

You only get a couple of hours a day of contact with the person who matters so much to you, and sometimes you don’t even get that.

You don’t get a companion to go with you to parties or dinners, or even to share a quiet home-cooked meal.

You don’t get to walk down the street, taking in your surroundings, holding hands with someone you love.

You don’t get a pair of welcoming arms at the end of the day.

But you do get this (it came in the mail today):


  1. Maggie K said,

    Marisa, this post is great! You really made me smile this morning. How are you doing? I’m back in SoCal…

  2. WJF said,

    and with that, you also don’t get to pay the extra $25 that anyone else with a second suitcase has to pay! 🙂

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