Saturday, February 16, 2008

Round and Round Again

Posted in Foreign Service Life at 1:39 pm by graceandpoise

Well, overnight between Thursday and Friday, we were told Chennai is out. So the long, long, saga continues, and now the verdict is this:

Yep, they’ve changed the whole thing to be destination MUMBAI.

So Chennai is out, Mumbai is in. Timing, we’re told, remains the same, and prospects for us being together also, so say the powers that be, remain the same. Now all they’ve got to do is find us some actual job slots to move into, assign us to those slots, and redo all the preparations I’ve already started on for Chennai. Sigh.

Fingers crossed that this is indeed, as they assure me, the final word.

5 weeks and counting…


  1. mom said,

    So lets hope this is the last change for a while. . .

  2. Shawn said,

    This is second tour?

    So I wonder if this drops a few of the Mumbai jobs off the list I’m bidding on this week…

  3. Not to worry, Shawn. I understand these jobs are (or will be) in addition to the positions Mumbai has already got, so there are still plenty of consular jobs to be had in Mumbai if you want to join the club. 🙂

  4. Bree said,

    G & I plan to be in Jerusalem til Feb 2010 and our door is wide open for you & K … we understand Mumbai isn’t what you were expecting, but are sure it will be a fun and exciting time in your lives together. And we want to visit 😉

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