Thursday, December 20, 2007

Something strange is afoot . . .

Posted in Generalities at 1:17 pm by graceandpoise

There’s something strange going on. A very good kind of strange, but strange nonetheless. A few days ago, I found this on my doorstep:

1st day of Christmas

If you can’t read it clearly, it says, “ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS, your true love gave to you… a partridge in a pear tree. Sorry, but we can’t find the partridge so we are giving you some pears from the tree the partridge flew away from.” Hmmm…

The next day, I found this:

2nd day of Christmas

The tag says, “ON THE SECOND DAY OF CHRISTMAS, your true love gave to you… two turtledoves, but we don’t have any… will candy turtles and a bar of Dove soap do?”

The trend has continued…

(3) 3rd day of Christmas (4) 4th day of Christmas (I) 4th day of Christmas (II) (5) 5th day of Christmas (6) 6th day of Christmas (7) 7th day of Christmas

Today was day 7, and I got a bottle of bubble bath that the seven swans a-swimming “used while they were swimming.”

This is fun, sweet, highly imaginative, and really cool. But I’m confused: my husband swears he has nothing to do with this, so either (A) I (or we) have messed up and he is not, after all, my true love, or (B) he’s becoming quite good at sincere-sounding deception. Hmmm…

Today I’m catching a plane to go home for the holidays. I am so excited to spend Christmas with some of the most important people in my life, to hang out with my mom for the holiday, and obviously thrilled at the prospect of seeing my new husband for the first time since our short honeymoon. We’ll see if this 12 days of Christmas thing continues in Seattle . . .


  1. So, did this 12 days of Christmas thing continue? Happy New Year and all that.

  2. It did continue, but not in Seattle. Upon returning to Seoul, I found a bag outside my door with days 8 through 12. All very imaginative (i.e. canes (candy ones) used by the ladies dancing because they were tired from dancing so long; hot cocoa mix from the maids-a-milking who had milked some brown cows…). Frustratingly, though, those responsible have not come forward, so I’m still not sure whose fun project this was. Whoever you are: thank you for brightening my December (and January)!

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