Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Location, Location

Posted in Foreign Service Life, Generalities at 10:25 pm by graceandpoise

Okay, so the (updated) word is in on my/our future location. Drumroll please…

This: Kingston is out.

This: Chennai University is in.

That’s right: the assignments people have issued a verdict, and the verdict is that Kingston, Jamaica will not be my new home next year, but Chennai (aka Madras), India will be. They have several commonalities: heat, palm trees, beach, plenty of character, both 2-year high-volume mostly-visas consular jobs. The biggest difference in my eyes, though (apart from the obvious other-side-of-the-globe geographical difference), is that I’m told the Chennai plan will offer my husband and I the chance to be co-located. And not only the same place, but at the same time, too. Now that will be very, very nice.

As always, there will of course be a guest room door kept open for friends, families, and other people we like. Think you might want to visit, or just curious what this Chennai place is all about? Check out some travel links and some local links.

So here’s to the prospect of some actual progress toward us having a life together, and to the rug not getting yanked out from under us again.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Phil said,

    congrats on potential co-location, wherever it might be.

  2. chris said,

    When will you be there?

  3. ETA, assuming nothing changes from what we’re being told currently, is spring 2008.

  4. Rose said,

    Yay! That’s great news, M&K! We’ll look forward to hearing the official word. Any plans to be in the US this holiday season?

    Much love from us both!

  5. Kit said,

    Whoa. What did they do? Roll the globe and throw a dart at it?

    I’ll work on the visit. Still gotta meet this guy of yours!
    All the best (from another wandering Seattleite)

  6. april said,

    i would’ve loved to see you in red yellow and green dreads, but then again i can see picture you in dollywood, too. Best wishes!!!

  7. Shawn said,

    Good you can be together. Still a bummer you got another two year consular job you weren’t so psyched about.

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