Friday, November 30, 2007


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Sometimes, I just can’t help it. Random questions pop into my head and I start wondering about things that make no sense at all. My parents used to say my brother and I would lie in bed at night pondering the universe – I guess nothing’s changed.

A few examples (the majority of these are my own, the rest I’ve heard over the past week or so from others):

– Why is it that Superman’s chest can stop bullets, yet he always ducks when a chair is thrown at him?

– Why is it a pair of underwear, but a single bra?

– What was the thought process when the first person decided to try and milk a cow (or a goat, or whatever) and then drink the milk – and what made them think it would be safe for them to drink?

– What rank do you have to be above before you can be considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

– Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?

– If someone asks you, “Does a chicken have lips?” instead of answering your question, how do you know what they mean – can its beak be considered its lips-equivalent?

– If you drive at the speed of sound, can you still hear your radio/CD/ipod?

– Would a fireman ever use the phrase, “fight fire with fire?”

– What was the best thing before sliced bread?

– Why is it that small babies, looking up at the person holding/feeding them, have the power to instantly melt the heart of even the gruffest of adults – and when exactly do we lose that power?

– Why does the sun make hair lighter and skin darker?

– Why is it that the system sends you an email message to tell you that your email inbox is over its size limit?

– What would happen if two black holes were to meet?

Anybody care to contribute some answers? Or some other questions that have been on your mind?


  1. hannah said,

    You can hear your radio if you’re moving at the speed of sound so long as it’s playing in the cab of the vehicle with you. Because you are presumably in an enclosed environment, the air around you is not moving relative to you, so the sound waves can travel at their normal speed to you.

    It’s sort of like if you’re walking from one end of the car to the other in a train while it’s moving – you’re not really walking at a speed 45 miles an hour, so don’t call up Guinness and look to get in their records book. =D

    i’m a JO still in DC (going to Saudi next September), and i’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks and enjoying it. Thanks!

  2. Greta H. said,

    Assassinations are for political figures. And they have to be politically or ideologically motivated. Nice questions…but I’m not supposed to ponder much on Friday afternoons :). I also have been reading your blog for a few weeks and find it very interesting. All the best.

  3. Hey, great answers – thanks, ladies!

    And Hannah, congrats on the assignment to Saudi! My friends who have served there tell me it can be really rewarding. What’s the job?

  4. mom said,

    Well, I can see the pondering is still going on, thank goodness. Would hate to think that you have given it up just because you are all grown up.

  5. KG said,

    Superman doesn’t necessarily duck for chairs. I don’t know where you got that idea; I think he’d only duck if a chair coming at him was going to impede his vision.

    And as I said earlier: firemen fight fire with fire all the time.

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