Sunday, September 30, 2007

On the Road Again

Posted in Foreign Service Life, Travels at 7:52 pm by graceandpoise

Generally, for a diplomat, I don’t travel much. Usually, it’s a combination of factors such as insufficient funds, nobody to travel with, insufficient vacation days from work, etcetera. But September 2007 seems to be the traveling-est month I’ve had since the days when I lived in Europe and backpacked around every now and then.

Starting September 1st, the month has looked like this:

  • Seattle – 2 days (obvious reasons)
  • British Columbia – 1 week (getaway)
  • Seattle – 2 days
  • Seoul – 9 days
  • Vietnam – 4 days (long overdue visit to a very good friend)
  • Seoul – 3.5 days
  • Bangkok – present.

I’m tired, and while traveling is fun and interesting, it’s far more so when (a) it’s spread out and (b) you get to do it together with people who are important to you. I really wish I had a chance in between to catch my breath, unpack, recuperate, and process things (I tried, but they were hearing none of my pleas to delay this trip by a week or two), and I could really use a day or two of total hibernation. I’m sure I’ll have more than ample time to do that over the next several months of nonstop visa line work in Seoul, though.

So here’s to keeping curiosity alive, digging up that last bit of energy, and making the most of the couple of weeks I get to spend here in Thailand. Any suggestions or special requests?

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