Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yep, I’m surprised

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On Friday I was supposed to go over to my colleague Cara’s house and have dinner with her and her husband. She said he would be leaving town for some military exercises in another part of the country soon (yes, he’s in the military) and they wanted to have me over for dinner before he left. When she learned that my Bulgarian friend was in town, she suggested that I invite her to join us, so I did.

Friday came around and I worked late, as usual, and then drove to the subway stop where I was to meet Tsvety and picked her up. We stopped by a place to pick up some drinks to bring to dinner (the only contribution Cara would allow me to make), then made our way to Cara’s place. When we got there, we found that it was nearly impossible to find a place to park. As we parked a block away and made our way back to the house, I made a comment to Tsvety that perhaps I ought not to have changed into jeans because this looked like it might be something bigger than I’d thought. When we got to the house, we walked in and took our shoes off (we don’t really use doorbells all that much around here), wondering if there was such a big group here as evidenced by the number of cars and the number of shoes, why was it so quiet?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the moment I poked my head around the corner of the entryway into the living room, people started jumping up yelling, “Surprise!” All of a sudden it became clear why I’d kept thinking I heard my name in the middle of rapid Korean sentences around the office all week and getting the response, “No, nobody said your name – you must be hearing things.” They (the bums) had gone behind my back and planned a surprise bridal shower. Tsvety was the only other person in the room who had not been in on the plotting for this.

It was an incredibly sweet and touching thing to do, and it made me really grateful to have such a great group of friends/colleagues. Cara went all-out with several varieties of cocktails and several varieties of cookies, there were some mildly embarrassing games and some lovely gifts, and it was all-around a very fun evening. Oh yeah, and there was dinner too. How cool.

I’m getting married a month from today.  Exciting, heady.  Um, wow.

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  1. KG said,

    You seemed to have missed the participation of certain people in your surprise…

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