Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When am I *what*?

Posted in Foreign Service Life, Generalities, Korea at 3:10 pm by graceandpoise

I was at the dermatologist’s office on Saturday.  After looking at my skin and talking about its condition for a couple of minutes, and after saying, “okay, I’m going to have you do this, this, and this, and I’ll see you again in 3 weeks,” the doctor checked his calendar.

Doc: Hmm, unfortunately I won’t be able to see you on August 4th, because I have an important conference to go to in Boston.

M: Okay…

Doc: So would you like to come earlier or later?

M: Probably earlier would be better, since I’ll be travelling pretty soon after that.

Doc: Oh really? Where are you going?

M: Well, I leave here on the 18th to go get married.

Doc: You’re getting married? Congratulations. When is the wedding?

M: September 1st.

Doc: Great – we’ll have your skin in good shape for the wedding, I promise.

M: Thanks! That’s what I’m hoping for.

Doc: So, when are you going to have a baby?

Okay, seriously people, I am not even married yet!!  And after I get married, barring some sort of surprise, I don’t intend there to be anyone but me and my guy for quite some time – I’m talking years, not months here, if ever (okay, maybe an animal or two, but no more than two, and definitely nothing that can talk back).  I realize this is Korea, where if you’re not trying to have a kid, you’ve either already got kids and are trying everything you can to send them to all the “right” schools and push them to be “successful” and competitive, or you’re not married (in which case your main goal is to find a spouse and everyone asks you why you’re not married yet).  I realize that.  But seriously, give me some time to catch my breath!

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  1. KG said,

    Does this mean no parrot? I need to re-think this whole marriage thing.

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