Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some are just more talented than others

Posted in Diversions, Generalities, On the Internet at 8:31 pm by graceandpoise

My dog (my mom’s dog, really), sweet as he is, doesn’t really have a lot of smarts or agility going for him. He can bark on command, sit up, stand on his hind legs, sit down and lie down when told (okay, not always when told, but most of the time). He’s in good company, though, since it would seem most dogs would fall to some degree or another into that category. But then there are others that do amazing things. Like the dog said to have dialed 911 when his owner had a stroke (or was it a heart attack?). And the dogs that can find people who are buried in avalanches. Or, this dog, Charlie, who can apparently drive (sort of). Okay, so Charlie can’t fairly be put into a category with those other dogs who save lives and do other amazing things. But hey, the dog’s got some talent, and surely he deserves some kind of credit for it.

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  1. Mom said,

    whoo, boy! Rye is most insulted, gave the big sigh and the snort as i was reading this and giggling.

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