Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a world we live in…

Posted in Diversions, Generalities, On the Internet at 1:37 pm by graceandpoise

Sometimes you come across cool things by complete happenstance.  Like a post on another blog that really gets you to thinking.  Like this one.  Fascinating.  Beyond the political, economic, and social implications (which I think should be pretty obvious), I find the following interesting: Washington is Turkey (Istanbul is also on my list of favorite cities), DC is another semi-autonomous-but-not-really city, Korea is still a big peninsula (though it’s unclear whether the author means the DPRK or the ROK, but I imagine the latter).  Hmmmm…


  1. KG said,

    FYI, looks like the Hong Kong/DC thing is a misread; there’s a breakdown with numbers below, and Hong Kong maps to Maryland, while DC maps to New Zealand.

  2. MC said,

    Good point. My bad.

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