Monday, March 26, 2007

There’s a Support Group for Everything

Posted in Diversions, Generalities, On the Internet at 10:39 pm by graceandpoise

I am not a picky eater. At least not anymore. (Though there are times, I’m sure, when my “I’ll eat just about anything” fiancé would beg to differ.) Over the years, I’ve learned to eat and often to actually enjoy many of the things I once found gross. Like lettuce and tomatoes (since age 7 or so), spinach (since about age 13), brie cheese (since age 18 or so), certain kinds – okay one kind – of kimchi (since about 6 months ago). And many more.

But there are some things I stand my ground on. Like the vast majority of nuts. And what some cultures call bacon but is really just slabs of gushy gross fat with no meat whatsoever. And cilantro. Really, I get that some people like nuts, particularly since I’ve experienced the yumminess of Bavaria’s fresh warm gebrannte Mandeln (candied almonds). And maybe people who like that pork-fat stuff have some kind of dietary fat deficiency. But seriously, people, cilantro? There’s really no excuse. I absolutely don’t understand it. If I wanted my food to taste like a perfumey version of iron filings, I’d include that ingredient. And the fact that cilantro is the “in” thing lately, that it’s become so pervasive as to often be unavoidable, is really just too much. Well, it turns out I’m not alone in feeling this way, that there’s a whole bunch of people who are even more worked up about it. There’s a whole website – it’s amazing. And a little scary, even from the perspective of someone who agrees thoroughly with much of what is said. Funny too, though. Check it out here.


  1. KG said,

    Considering there’s an entire category of foods you won’t eat (legumes), I’d say you’re definitely picky. Not the pickiest, no, but still. As for cilantro, first, it’s totally five years ago, and your dislike is genetic.

  2. MC said,

    KG, you are in error. I totally eat several different sorts of legumes. I’m so not picky. Well, not terribly picky food-wise, at least. In other things, I reserve the right to be completely picky.

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