Monday, March 5, 2007


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I took advantage of a Korean holiday to take a four-day trip to China with some colleagues. We visited Shanghai (the futuristic juxtaposed with the old), Suzhou (famous for its gardens and canals), and Hangzhou (its placid lake said to be the most romantic place in China). A few of the highlights:

You’d think if China could spell anything right, it would be this. The Jin Mao Tower, tallest building in Shanghai

the Humble Administrator’s Garden, view of the tallest pagoda south of the Yangtze

along the old canals that Marco Polo is said to have loved so much

on the lake in the ever-present haze - so peaceful, beautiful.

Shanghai’s Old Town (there’s not a lot of it left), all decked out for the lantern festival

Not enough photos? Plenty more here.


  1. Julie said,

    I swear that canal photo is Pazardjik, Bulgaria.

  2. MC said,

    There was actually quite a lot on this trip that reminded me strongly of Bulgaria. Usually it was not the stuff I took photos of, though. The train stations, the incomprehensiveness of the procedures for buying tickets for transportation, the communist-blok architecture (this was almost, but not quite, as pervasive as in Bulgaria), the state of the roads and trains, the piles of trash behind houses in the villages, the manner of dress, the manner of driving… I don’t know what it is, but there must’ve been something in the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist handbook about it.

  3. Shama Hyder said,


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