Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Spirit

Posted in Generalities, Korea at 10:33 pm by graceandpoise

Just sharing a few photos from the past few days. Varying degrees of glitz for the holiday season.

At the Ambassador’s residence:

Habib House for the Holidays

On the base:

main base road 1 main base road 2

A department store:

Shinsegae dept store

In front of City Hall (note: this is the less extensive of the rather, um, strikingly ornate municipal light displays – I didn’t manage to get a good photo of the one going all along Cheonggye stream. Both displays are huge, ostentatious, and make me think of old stereotypes of Vegas):

Seoul City Hall x-mas lights

At home (a little less obvious holiday spirit here, but I’ll have you note that an effort was made):

Christmas tree Dec 24th 2006

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  1. Josh said,

    Is the fireplace operational? And is it standard for most FSO quarters in your part of the world? 🙂

    The twiggy light-tree seems new on the market this year. I’ve seen a lot of them around, and for the first time. Where did you get yours?

    And finally, wow… What glitz.

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