Wednesday, December 6, 2006

That New-Furniture Smell

Posted in Foreign Service Life, Generalities at 6:44 pm by graceandpoise

Have you ever noticed that new furniture has a very distinctive smell to it? It’s as unique as the new-car smell, yet I find it a lot warmer and more comforting. Perhaps it’s that particular affinity of mine for wood and things wooden, who knows. It’s a very sweet smell that is pleasant enough to warrant a few deep breaths every so often. Well, now my dining room has that smell and, though I had forgotten about its existence, I am enjoying it thoroughly tonight since the management section decided to replace my dining room set. I actually thought the other one was just fine, but who am I to argue when they email me asking to replace it and apologizing that they couldn’t do so earlier? So I am now the proud caretaker of a shiny new sweet-smelling dining room set (incidentally, my suspicions about the origins of Foreign Service furniture are now confirmed). The bonus: the new china cabinet has lights! Now if I could just figure out how to turn the lights off…

New Dining Room Set


  1. Josh said,

    Ah, confirms some of my suspicions as well. Prince Roy has pictures of his dining room furniture, in two different living quarters in two different countries on two different sub-continents (or one sub-continent and an island, I suppose), and somehow it looks exactly the same in both pictures. Now I see yet a third iteration of same. Darn good thing I too like wood. Otherwise, I might rethink my FS ambitions…

  2. jr said,

    If I remember correctly from my days with GSO china cabinets, there should be a toggle switch on the cord.

  3. It’s so very strange to turn around in my computer chair and see the identical table, chairs, and china cabinet in my own dining room, several thousand miles away from _your_ dining room.

  4. JC said,

    New anything smell is always awesome, but the smell of solid wood furniture is second to none! I dont know about the particular china cabinet that you have but alot of them have touch lights (touch the right hinge and the light goes up or down accordingly).

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