Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just Because

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I haven’t posted anything here in a while, mainly because I haven’t been inspired. I have, however, been taking a few photos lately, and I thought I would share them here. There’s no rhyme or reason to it other than that I’ve been admonished by a couple of different people that they’re tired of looking at the post with the maps. So in the interest of something new:

The fowl that periodically live in my yard and sleep under the shrubbery:

Some Kinda Birds

Protesters with flags and bandanas, riot buses, and blocked traffic (the protesters were polite enough to part to allow one lane through whenever the light turned green):

Protest traffic

An artfully decorated shopping area:

Umbrellas Hanging

Branching out – dinner with a new group of people who I hope I’ll be seeing more often:

Maggie and Friends

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  1. Lori said,

    Hello. I came upon your website from the World Adventures blog and after spending the summer in Korea, I’m still obssessed and I appreciate blogs like yours. I noticed in a previous post that you’re unable to watch Grey’s Anatomy, one of my fav shows too, and there’s a website that has links to many tv shows. Grey’s Anatomy’s is:

    Hope you’ll be able to access it and get your Grey’s Anatomy fix. Keep up the great blogs. Thank you!

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