Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Got a Lot of Work to Do

Posted in Diversions, On the Internet, Travels at 8:08 pm by graceandpoise

Every now and then, I just need to burn time mindlessly. Recently, I came across a site that allows you to easily compile a map of where you have been.

We’ll start out with the U.S. map of states I’ve been to. Apparently, I’m about 41 percent of the way to completion on this one, but clearly I need to go on a road trip sometime soon.

create your own visited states map

So, noting that I am doing alright on that one but I’ve still got work to do, I moved on to the world map. Oh boy. I’ve got serious holes in my explorations of different countries, and I rank a pretty dismal score of 14 percent.

create your own visited countries map

So here’s to figuring out where I’m going to travel next and when. Suggestions are welcome. I’ve really got to get out more. . .


  1. Shawn said,

    North Korea is just a short day trip from where you are.

  2. MC said,

    Hmmm . . . do you think it counts if I go do the DMZ tour and take a photo of myself with one foot over the line?

  3. Phil said,


    Yes, it counts. At least I counted it, but I did have BOTH feet across the line.


    I stole your post.

  4. Julie said,

    The trick to making the map look good is to go to really big countries, so Russia, China, Australia, and Brazil should be top on your list. I am envious of the SE Asia travels Holly has been reporting in her “Nothing but Bonfires” blog–maybe that will be doable from your current station?

  5. Jerri said,

    I love your blog! Very interesting! I’m sad to see you’ve never been to Texas on your map!

    One Girl, Her Backpack and a Passion for Travel

  6. Chris said,

    …all the best on your adventures! Looks good so far your worldmap.
    In a few years it will be even better. Plus a lot to write about and to remember.



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