Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wholesome Jay-Z Wedding Reenactment

Posted in Diversions, Generalities, Korea at 6:03 pm by graceandpoise

Three things from this past week:

The ultra-wholesome Columbus Day parade (done the weekend following the Columbus Day holiday, for some reason) on the ultra-wholesome slice of stereotypical Americana that is Yongsan military base. Photo taken from my yard.

Columbus Day Parade

One of the zillions of not-great photos taken by the audience (me among them) at the Jay-Z concert yesterday. In case you’re wondering, no photography was allowed, but that stopped absolutely nobody. It was a fun concert, even with all the cameras and mobile phones being held up above the crowd.

Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek On Stage

A reenactment of a traditional Korean wedding. Stumbled across this while wandering with a friend and colleague around one of the last teensy areas of Seoul where you can still see some small vestiges of what Korea used to be. Kneeling are the bride and groom and some other woman (the bride’s mother, perhaps?); seated above are the groom’s parents to whom the couple have just finished bowing.

Traditional Korean Wedding Reenactment

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