Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wonderful Things

Posted in Diversions, Generalities, On the Internet at 11:18 pm by graceandpoise

Truly Wonderful: as if I really needed another reason to want to visit London (especially since this is currently impossible for me). Now the Tate Modern has an almost irresistible art installation. I always knew I enjoyed a variety of art, but who knew it could be such good old-fashioned fun?

Would have been Wonderful: I’ll admit it, I became addicted to a television show. But it’s a good show, I swear. Some of you may have heard of Grey’s Anatomy. Here in Korea, the local AFN provider airs some of the popular shows from the U.S. just a few days or weeks or months after they originally air (timing depends on the show in question). Unfortunately, Grey’s Anatomy is not one of them. I hear from someone that the network allows free viewing on their website after each episode has aired. So tonight I try to go there and watch the first episode of the new season, and I find out that you can only watch it via the internet if you’re within the US. Seriously, people, if I was in the US, I wouldn’t need to watch it on the internet because I could watch it on TV like normal people. So frustrating.

(Yes, these are the things that I consider important enough to share with you today, a day that North Korea has apparently increased the tension even further by “threatening war,” though I’m not sure how accurate a characterization that is. Yes, I’m concerned about this situation. No, I can’t do a single thing about it. And since I’m also not an expert on any facet of it, I can’t claim to have any authoritative opinions anyway. Thus, I’m pursuing other diversions.)

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