Sunday, October 8, 2006

5-Day Weekend

Posted in Generalities, Korea at 11:43 pm by graceandpoise

What would you do if you had a five-day weekend? Take a trip somewhere, perhaps? Re-landscape the yard? Remodel a room in your house? Spend a few days shopping and a few getting spa treatments? All great ideas. What did I do? Well, I basically just stayed home. With one day of the five left to go (during which I of course plan to accomplish a great deal), here are my accomplishments on this lovely weekend granted by the serendipity of consecutive Korean and American holidays:

  • Caught a cold
  • Spent a half day (facilitated by decongestants) wandering around one of Seoul’s ritzy districts with my visiting friend and another friend who lives here, finishing off the evening at a very good Italian restaurant
  • Successfully saw my friend off at the airport
  • Found and bought kleenex
  • Hung pictures
  • Did laundry and dishes
  • Pruned some bushes in the yard
  • Organized (most of) my files
  • Finished unpacking the boxes that were delivered a week and a half ago
  • Put some stuff in those empty curio cabinets (oddly, they still seem rather empty)
  • Vacuumed the majority of the house
  • Hunted (unsuccessfully so far) for my address book
  • Watched more than my fair share of bad television
  • Read part of a book
  • Completely screwed up my sleep schedule

Pretty dismal, eh? I guess that’s what happens when there are absolutely no tickets available to leave the country and one makes an almost-conscious decision to have a lazy few days. But I’m almost completely over the cold now, so here’s hoping that tomorrow is an incredibly productive day. Maybe I’ll even leave my own couple hundred square meters of house and yard and head out to the grocery store 2 or 3 blocks away. . . 😉

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