Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who, Me?

Posted in Generalities at 3:53 pm by graceandpoise

Wandering about on the web, I have come across a few things that may or may not tell us more about ourselves, but are nonetheless an amusing way to burn some time. The first is a fill-in-the-blank thing that you can write your own name into, send out to your friends and family, and (theoretically) see what people really think of you. Mine would be:

I ____ M.
M is __________.
M needs (to) ________.
I want to ________ M.
In one word, I would describe M as ________.
I can see M being (a) ________ someday.
If I were alone in a room with M, I would ________.
M reminds me of ________.
M can be ________.
The worst thing about M is ________.
The best thing about M is ________.
One thing I would change about M is her ________.
Someday M will ________.
If I could tell M one thing, I would tell her ________.

The second is just a fun little Google trick. Go to Google, type in “(your name) needs,” and you can get a list of entries from all over the web about what you need. What do I need, you ask? Well, apparently:

— M needs more than the humble income she gets. (agreed)
— M needs to tell him what really happened, but will he listen? (I’m in a soap opera?)
— M needs the info from the 8th graders. (hmm…)
— M needs a more complete answer. (definitely)
— M needs to reveal her true identity to him, but is concerned about the consequences.
— M needs someone like Conlon in her life. (I do?)
— M needs more touch, is sensitive to smells – textures – environments, and prefers not to be alone.
— M needs to eat.
— M needs to call her girlfriends about their plans tonight.
— M needs sleep and a foot massage. (I do!!)
— M needs to act her age. (Aww, do I have to?)

If you already know what you need, but you aren’t sure yet what you are, check out Googlism, which does all of the hard work of searching your name for you. Some samplings of my results from this:

— M is one of a handful of women dedicated to breaking down the walls of silence.
— M is six years old.
— M is a beautiful sexy girl in her 20s.
— M is now two years old.
— M is a slight Japanese woman in her late thirties.
— M is an Argentinian journalist.
— M is like a master magician revealing her secrets.
— M is a rock star.
— M is in London.
— M is spoiled.
— M is at once youthful and timeless.
— M is terrified.
— M is sure.

Wow – who knew I was so versatile? Perhaps I should go seek out some 8th graders now – maybe they can tell me who Conlon is and how I came to be a spoiled Japanese-Argentinian journalist of indeterminate age in London.


  1. KG said,

    Wow, how bored are you?

  2. MC said,

    Do you really have to ask? 😉 It was Saturday, and it was raining, which in principle is a good thing, but on this particular day meant that I couldn’t mow the lawn or hike across base to buy more supplies or spray the shed, etc for bugs with the supplies I bought earlier. Thus, in the house and burning time.

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