Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cookie Monster

Posted in Foreign Service Life, Generalities, Korea at 6:53 pm by graceandpoise

I’ve been having one of those weird weeks wherein one’s perspective on things changes in the blink of an eye, prompted by nothing at all except perhaps being tired or finding a great little restaurant or smelling that ever-present fishy smell. All of this swinging from high to low has left me a little bewildered and off-balance, but things here are progressing nonetheless.

This evening, two of my neighbors decided it was time to come say hello. One has been on a temporary assignment elsewhere, and the other is someone I’d met in passing but hadn’t really talked to. The first offered to lend me his car should I need transportation (everyone needs transportation around here), and the second brought me some “welcome to the neighborhood” cookies. Mmm, cookies. Chocolate chips, no nuts, and freshly baked to perfection by a mother of three.  Maybe Mayberry/North Korea is not so bad after all.

I’ve made it out into Korea a few times now. I’ve gone to some of the legendarily fabulous shopping districts and found them to be nice, but probably not worthy of being so legendary. I’ve also found a few good restaurants for Korean cuisine, as well as some good fusion food places and one actual non-Koreanized Italian place. Making progress, slowly but surely.

I’ve begun what will probably be a long-running war with the bugs in my house – I’m the invading army, but they’re mounting a pretty determined insurgency and they’ve been using the strategy of trying to overwhelm me with their sheer numbers. I will not give in. I will keep my vacuum and other accoutrements at the ready until the insurgency is defeated and I am able to establish a true dictatorial household. I refuse to be swayed by the arguments of those who declare the situation to be hopeless and who urge me to give up. I will stay the course for as long as it takes.

In the meantime, I will eat cookies. Mmmm, cookies!

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  1. KG said,

    Damn right, only cowards clean and run.

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