Monday, August 7, 2006

A Day and a Half in a Convertible

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My brother came up to Seattle for a few days to visit before I head off across the ocean. We had told my mom he wouldn’t be able to get the time off work to come up, so when he met us at a restaurant on Thursday night it was a great surprise for her. Our efforts in keeping the secret for the past month were well rewarded.

He took the “because I can” approach to a lot of things for his few days back home, and among these was his rental of a convertible. You learn a lot of things riding in the back seat of a convertible. For example, whoever decided a convertible was a cool car to have (a) didn’t have more than one friend or family member and (b) was definitely not fair-skinned. You also learn just how much pressure your ears can comfortably take, the best way to semi-securely tie down long hair (hint: use a combination of methods), and why those speed limits that usually seem so unreasonably slow are actually on the very upper end of what they should be. We spent all day Saturday and half of Sunday in this convertible, stopping here and there along the way for a whirlwind tour of some of our favorite places in Seattle. A rough estimate of Saturday’s driving route (stops at the Pike Place Market, a Mariners game, Foster Island/the Arboretum, University Village, and Ezell’s along the way):

Sat Driving Route

Some of the images from the past few days (including the ones during which we logged several hours in the convertible):

The Market

Pike Place Market

Mariners Game. Yes, I actually watched the game – we had great seats.

Mariners game

Montlake Cut & Foster Island

Montlake Cut Foster Island

The Animals

Luna's Favorite Spot Riley

On Elliott Bay

Bro Ferry

Sunset Reflection on Mt. Rainier

Mt Rainier at Sunset

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  1. Laurie said,

    thats a gorgeous dog! 🙂

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