Friday, July 21, 2006

Highly Accomplished

Posted in Foreign Service Life, Generalities at 7:04 pm by graceandpoise

Today I have:

1) Successfully completed the ConGen course at FSI. My days of training at the Foreign Service Institute are now officially over.

2) Received (at long last) my travel orders to Seoul. They have been reviewed by someone who should know and found, miraculously, not to be in need of revision.

3) Arranged for someone to come to my home in Seattle while I am there for a week to collect/pack the remainder of my stuff that I left there with my mom. (Hooray! I’ll have a bike to ride around the army base in Seoul!)

4) Finished the formal introductory letter to the Ambassador, my ultimate boss in Korea.

5) Sorted some more items into the “goes to Goodwill” pile.

6) Come across what is quite possibly the best ever “pro-choice” slogan (a great big “in your face” to the hard-core Christian Right, and multi-purpose to boot if you think about the recent stem cell debate). Irony is divine.



  1. Andy said,

    I am so buying that bummer sticker. I love it!

  2. bryteline said,

    i’d rather be gay than dead though lol.

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