Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Posted in Generalities at 5:43 pm by graceandpoise

— Lake Baikal. If it were empty, it would apparently take every river in the world put together a year to fill it up again. And it’s said that you could pick up Mount Everest, turn it over, and bury it completely in the silt at the bottom of the lake. I think it’s going on the “I should go there sometime” list.

— Apparently the people who are going to (inshallah) collect and move all of my worldly possessions next week are the same people who do that each time someone moves in or out of the White House. I’m told I probably won’t have to worry about things getting broken, at least.

— Relatedly, it would appear that I own a grand total of about 5000 pounds worth of stuff. The guy from the moving company who came to survey my possessions suggested I buy some nice big pieces of furniture sometime soon. What, Ikea furniture isn’t the best there is?

— I’ve been told that Zambia is “the real Africa.” Makes me wonder two things: is it a place that needs to be put on the list? And where’s “the fake Africa?”

— I’ve finally managed to convince myself that if I bought a pair of pants three years ago and I still haven’t managed to hem them so they can be worn, chances are I don’t need them.

— The good news: when I get to Seoul, at least I won’t have to cross the river to get from home to work. There’s all sorts of unhappiness related to water on the Korean peninsula right now. Han River Flooded

— Oh yeah, for those of you who might be wondering: still no travel orders.

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  1. Julie said,

    Hi! I just saw that you linked to me. You have some exciting things happening in your life! I’m envious of your travel to Korea, and look forward to reading posts about your new life there. All the best!

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