Thursday, July 13, 2006


Posted in Foreign Service Life, Generalities, In DC at 12:58 pm by graceandpoise

Today I walked outside after spending about 20 minutes in a severely air-conditioned environment, and my glasses immediately fogged up as if I had just leaned my head over a pot of boiling water.  This on a day that actually feels quite a bit less oppressive than the past few days by virtue of the fact that it’s been drizzling off and on all day.  I wonder if this is what a hundred percent humidity is supposed to be like…

The latest news on the getting-ready-to-go front: it’s looking like I may have to stay at a more expensive hotel for my consultations in San Francisco in order to pay less.  Strange, but I’m starting to get accustomed to things like this.  Also, because the government is paying so little for my flights from DC to San Francisco to Seoul (less than 600 dollars total – how can that be?), any adjustments for personal reasons would be astronomically expensive so I’m going to have to make my own separate reservations to fly home to Seattle for a week.  Fingers crossed that I get my travel orders in time and don’t have to cancel that too!

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