Sunday, May 28, 2006

Out of Dulles

Posted in Generalities, Peace Corps, Travels at 11:24 am by graceandpoise

I flew out of Dulles airport on Friday evening to come to Chicago for a Peace Corps Bulgaria reunion of sorts. As I was getting onto one of the funny-looking little tram things that Dulles uses to ferry passengers out to the gates, I realized that I hadn't flown out of Dulles in a really long time. In fact, the last two times I flew out of Dulles were both on trips that would change the course of the next few years of my life.

The most recent time was my return trip to Bulgaria after a couple of days of interviews and tests that led to me receiving the Pickering graduate fellowship. Because of that trip, I spent two years in graduate school and have now joined the Foreign Service rather than following through with the original plan of moving to Wiesbaden, Germany on a Fulbright fellowship. The time before that was when I and 68 or so of my soon-to-be closest friends were getting on a plane that would take us to Bulgaria for two years of life as Peace Corps volunteers. After that flight, all sorts of things changed. And I learned Bulgarian, and how many people can really claim that?

So here's to breaking my trend of seriously momentous things being associated with trips out of Dulles airport. Normalcy can sometimes be a good thing. For those who are curious, I have made reservations for my flights to Korea, and I will be flying out of National airport instead of Dulles.

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