Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another FSO Returns

Posted in Foreign Service Life, In DC at 10:32 pm by graceandpoise

After a long journey that involved staying up for two whole days (give or take a few hours with the time change), one of our own has come back from Saudi Arabia for a visit. Yes, she is exceedingly happy to have the freedom to wander about in public without having to wear an abaya. Personally, I am finding it a little difficult to believe that she is already six months into her one-year tour (halfway done!) and many of us have not gotten out to our first post yet. At any rate, we are very glad to have her here for a week, and tonight we celebrated her arrival in style: pork chops for dinner (forbidden meat in "the Kingdom") accompanied by a few glasses of good riesling (another forbidden item in Saudi), followed by a lovely dessert (not forbidden but soooo sinfully delicious). Picture five young ladies standing around in a kitchen chatting in between bites of these lovely things:

2006-05-23 002.JPG

(Not the best photo, I admit, but they disappeared so quickly I couldn't try for a better one. Strawberries. Chocolate. 'Nuff said.).

One of the best things about her return as far as I'm concerned (beyond the simple fact that she is here) is that she needs to stock up on some of the things that are difficult or impossible to find over there. So that means we get to do some shopping! Oh, how I love helping other people find ways to spend their hard-earned money!

At any rate, I'm glad to have her back, and I intend to help her indulge in just about everything she's not allowed to do over in Saudi. It should be a fun, if busy, next week or so.

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