Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Photographic Evidence

Posted in Generalities at 9:14 pm by graceandpoise

There haven't been many photos here lately, so I thought I might share some of the highlights of the last several weeks. Or at least some of the things I've managed to take photos of.

Birthday Party Madness (more than one event represented here).

Lunchtime in Rosslyn: apparently even the birds were famished. Yes, there really are a few green things growing in Rosslyn.


A nearly perfect (drizzly, warm but not hot) spring day at FSI. Note to the DC weather gods: spring is nice. There is no need to jump straight from winter to summer – linger in between for a while longer than you may ordinarily be inclined to.


Impulse buy. On the list of things one should avoid doing immediately following a dental appointment, shopping should be right up there with getting into a heated argument and feasting on beef jerky, hard pretzels and caramels. No, they're not "real" – remember, I'm still just a lowly government employee.


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