Monday, April 24, 2006

Oddities of the Day

Posted in Generalities at 11:58 pm by graceandpoise

It's getting late on a Monday evening, and before I officially call it a day I thought I would share a few odd things with you for your amusement:

— I woke up this morning, started my routine of hitting the snooze button on my alarm, fell back asleep after the second time the alarm went off, and soon woke up to realize there was a man hanging outside my 7th floor window with its not-quite-completely-closed blinds. Definitely startling. Turns out the sheet of paper the apartment building slid under the door on Friday and that I noticed on Saturday and decided to read later was about window washers. Maybe I should start reading those things in a more timely manner…

— I realized at some point today that I am jealous of people with dark, straight hair. With this curly blond-ish mess I've got, it's very difficult to make it look really classy, but straight dark hair has this sleekness and richness to it that is always classy and always looks put-together, no matter what. Plus, it looks good in all sorts of cuts and styles. It's really not fair.

— I learned this evening that Hasbro is developing a new, updated version of the board game Monopoly. Apparently they want to include landmarks from a variety of American cities in this new version, and they want people to vote for their favorites in each of 22 cities. A pleasant surprise: they've actually included 7 cities in that group that are in the western United States (I'm counting Honolulu among these). An unpleasant surprise: among the Seattle choices is supposed to be Pioneer Square, but the "representative" photo they intend to put in the game is not of Pioneer Square at all, but of the Space Needle and a couple of skyscrapers. So are we meant to vote for Pioneer Square or for the Space Needle & Downtown? (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Seattle geography, Pioneer Square is the old part of the city, boasting only a single skyscraper at a diminutive 42 stories tall.) Honestly, Hasbro, get it straight! Personally, though, I avoided the whole question – nothing is as fundamental to Seattle as Puget Sound. At any rate, this might be an interesting diversion for homesick Foreign Service types too, so go ahead and vote, everyone!

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