Sunday, April 23, 2006

Honorary Guy

Posted in Generalities, In DC at 10:38 pm by graceandpoise

Today I spent the majority of the day hanging out with a new group of friends. I met them through the whole friend-of-a-friend thing, and they invited me to join them for a picnic, barbecue and other madness in DC’s Rock Creek Park today. Telling myself this is great because I need to get out of the house more anyway, I made a quick salad (it’s simply beyond me to plan ahead for anything these days), grabbed a bottle of wine, and headed out to Northwest DC.

This group of recent DC transplants is composed of six guys and one other girl. Topics of conversation, when they were not of the usual DC type (think politics, international affairs, etcetera), were often of the sort one might expect from a good-sized group of male twenty-somethings. Every so often, someone would start to say something, then look over at Ann or me and think better of it. Then, inevitably, someone else would say, “She’s a guy, it’s okay,” and the conversation would continue in its original vein. I’m a guy. Wow, I didn’t even have to go through surgery! And to think I thought the whole “honorary male” thing was just a rumor about allowances made for powerful or professional women in certain middle eastern countries…

It was a really good afternoon, I have to say. A rarity lately, there was very little of that dense intellectual stuff going on, and it was just a regular gathering of a group of people hanging out with people they like and enjoying a nice day outside. We cooked, ate, threw ice at one another, drank beers and Pepsis, mocked each other and ourselves, cooked and ate some more, and played ultimate frisbee. The latter was only stopped when one of our number was injured and we all decided not to tempt fate. It was actually my first time playing ultimate frisbee, and let me tell you, I ache. I suspect I’ll truly be loving life when the real aching sets in tomorrow. Small price to pay for a day away from it all.

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