Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On the Bus

Posted in In DC at 10:26 pm by graceandpoise

Today I had to go to northwest DC, to my old neighborhood that is only accessible by bus. Bus rides in DC are always an adventure. Because of the way the city is segregated, the crowd varies markedly from one route to the next, but one thing is always the same: if you ride the bus any time but during rush hour, there's always some crazy person on it.

Does anyone ever wonder about that ubiquitous crazy person on the bus? I mean, at some point that person was somebody's adorable little girl or boy, probably built castles out of wooden blocks in kindergarten and stole cookies out of the cookie jar at grandma's place. Where did things go wrong? Nobody wants to grow up to be the crazy bus dude, but there are enough of them in this city to make them ever-present.

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